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We Create Visual Experiences.

CAD Studio Offer a Full Range of Quality Services

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Interior & Exterior 3D Renders

For 25 years, CAD Studio has established itself as a pacesetter in the realm of 3D architectural rendering, consistently producing visuals that redefine the standard for property development marketing in New Zealand. Our expertise extends far beyond simply creating images; we craft photorealistic experiences that transport viewers into the heart of your development.

Interior & Exterior Spectacle: Unveiling Your Vision

High-resolution renders, meticulously crafted by our skilled artists, showcase both the impressive exteriors and inviting interiors of your development. These visuals are not mere snapshots; they are meticulously detailed narratives that capture the essence of your design. Intricate details, from architectural flourishes to material textures, are rendered with unparalleled precision, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in their dream space.

The Power of Place: Ground & Aerial Photomatching

We understand that a property doesn’t exist in isolation. That’s why we leverage the power of ground and aerial photomatching. Our in-house drone team captures stunning aerial vistas, while our photographers meticulously document the surrounding environment. These real-world elements are then seamlessly integrated with the 3D models, creating a photorealistic depiction of how your development will seamlessly blend into its surroundings. Potential buyers can not only appreciate the design of the building itself but also envision the lifestyle it offers within the broader context.

A World of Possibility: Accurate Specifications & Perfect Lighting

Accuracy is paramount at CAD Studio. We work closely with architects and developers to ensure that every detail in our 3D renders reflects the exact specifications of the project. From the meticulously chosen finishes to the thoughtfully planned layouts, every element is portrayed with unwavering fidelity.

Lighting is an art form at CAD Studio. Our team understands how to manipulate light and shadow to evoke specific moods and emotions. Warm, inviting interiors bathed in natural light or sophisticated exteriors aglow with the golden hues of sunset – we create renders that capture the essence of the intended living experience. Texture and color are also meticulously considered, ensuring a visually captivating and realistic representation.

Experience Makes the Difference: A Legacy of Excellence

With 25 years of experience, CAD Studio has honed its craft to a level unmatched in New Zealand. Our unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to innovation have earned us a reputation for creating the best 3D renders in the industry. We are a trusted partner to property developers throughout New Zealand, and our portfolio speaks volumes about our ability to elevate marketing materials and propel sales success.

3D Animations

CAD Studio sets the standard for property development video animations. Our animations leverage cutting-edge 3D technology to showcase your development in stunning detail. We seamlessly integrate the 3D model into real-world environments captured by drone footage, using advanced camera tracking for unparalleled realism. Lighting and camera movements are meticulously choreographed, creating a smooth flow that guides viewers through the development’s highlights. Every element – from movement and music to meticulously chosen camera angles – is carefully balanced to craft a captivating narrative. The result? A video animation that ignites excitement and propels sales success, a masterpiece your clients can proudly showcase for their next development.


3D Animation Video

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are now so popular that many companies are adopting VR Tours as mandatory for each new development. The users is able to engage with the marketing on any device as well as in the Virtual World using VR headsets. VR Tours can be created using 360 Panoramas with linked hotspots or using a gaming engine.

Please contact us for a demonstration of both of these types of VR Tours for your next project.

Branding & Graphics

Our in house design team have been creating marketing material for over 16 years. Many well known projects have been created by CAD Studio. Full branding / graphics material supplied for each project. Each project is creatively branded and tailored to suite the Architecture, target market and the site / environment.

Branding and Graphics


Elevate your property development visuals with CAD Studio’s in-house photography team. We capture stunning digital photos from a variety of perspectives – drone, ground, and even helicopter – ensuring you have the perfect base for captivating marketing materials.

Led by Craig, a seasoned property photographer with 30 years of experience and a background in university-level photography, our team leverages the latest editing software to create crisp, high-resolution images. These photos are more than just beautiful visuals; they serve as the foundation for our award-winning 3D renders. Craig’s expertise allows for seamless collaboration with our 3D design department. He understands the specific camera angles needed to perfectly integrate the 3D model with the real-world environment. This in-house synergy ensures every element, from photo to render, is meticulously balanced, resulting in a cohesive and impactful final product. Don’t settle for fragmented services – trust CAD Studio’s photography team to deliver the perfect foundation for your next project’s visual success.

Drone Services

CAD Studio takes your property development marketing to new heights with our in-house drone service. We utilize the latest commercial drones equipped for a variety of tasks, ensuring you capture the essence of your development from every angle. Our skilled pilots capture breathtaking aerial photography, dynamic drone videos, and immersive panoramas that showcase the entire site and its surroundings. But our expertise goes beyond stunning visuals. We also offer cutting-edge LiDAR scanning, a digital scanning technology that creates highly accurate 3D models directly from drone data. This eliminates the need for separate surveying and provides an invaluable base for our 3D design team. Whether you require captivating marketing photos or precise data for 3D modeling, CAD Studio’s in-house drone service delivers exceptional quality and experience. Let us help you showcase your development in all its glory, from a bird’s-eye view and beyond.

Drone Services
Virtual Tour 3D


Cad Studio has been creating interactive marketing for many years. Most of these interactive features were created for Touchscreen Displays for showrooms, however times have changed and we are now able to export these interactive applications on any devices.

2D & 3D Floorplans

Using your CAD plans CAD Studio is able to provide both 2D graphic or 3D photoreal floorplans. Floorplans allow you to show the layout of your project. Sectional views are also used to show interiors.

CAD Studio 3d Floorplan
Lake Crest Video Animation 23

Property Videos

Needing a high quality video of your land, commercial or residential property? Using our inhouse creative team and technology we are able to create out of this world videos of past or current projects.

Examaple of our latest property video Animation

Example of our latest property video


Our creative team are constantly designing, updating and managing a number of website for both corporate developers, Architects and individual developments. Using current themes and technology CAD Studio is able to produce cutting edge websites. Technologies such as VR Tours, 360 Panoramas and video feeds are all embedded into our designs to showcase the very best of your projects or portfolio.

Example of our latest website


Mansons Website copy
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