110 Grafton Road


Project Overview

110 Grafton Road

CAD Studio created a number of 3D renders and marketing brochure with 3D floorplans for this project in Auckland city. Aerial photos were taken using a helicopter due to its proximity to Auckland hospital. 3D floorplans were created to show the floor layout.


110 Grafton Road

Main Services

3D Renders
Drone Services
Aerial Photo Matching (Placing

3D Renders into Drone Photos) 


3D Renders. 

Interior and exterior 3D renders were created to help market 110 Grafton Road Auckland retail spaces. Using the Architects plans and specs, CAD Studio could accurately model and furnish these spaces in 3D. Due to this development site being next to the Auckland Hospital, we were unable to take photos and videos from the CAD Studio drone. Restricted airspace prohibited us from flying. Our aim was to take drone photos and super impose the 3D Renders into these photos to show the complete development. CAD Studio then modelled the site and hospital in 3D and used full 3D Renders to show this complete development. 110 Grafton Road is now fully built. 

JCY Architects https://www.jcy.co.nz



Using the latest 3D software and hardware, cadstudio is able to create photoreal 3D Renders. Its now quite difficult to distinguish between a 3D Render and actual photo. Textures and lighting have come a long way and add to the quality of the Architectural 3D renders.