Hanleys Farm


Project Overview

Hanelys Farm.

CAD Studio was awarded the full marketing for this large scale development in Queenstown New Zealand. Using our in house design team CAD Studio created all the branding and marketing material. Our team flew to Queenstown to create the marketing video and produce all the helicopter and ground stock photos. CAD Studio also created the Hanleys Farm website, design guidelines, copy writing and advertising. Hanleys farm has been one of the fastest selling developments in New Zealand.


Hanleys Farm

Main Services

3D Renders
Branding & Graphics
Property Video


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3D Renders.

The full development was created in 3D. The roads, sections, lakes, parks and walkways all created to scale using the engineers CAD plans. A scaled model was produced in 3D with a more detailed layout for stage 1.

Hanley Farm 8207 Aerial Final
Hanley Farm 8300 Aerial Final

Branding & Graphics.

Using the Engineers CAD plans we were able to generate a 3 dimensional masterplan that was camera matched to the various photos taken of the site. The Master plan was rendered in high resolution so that it could be placed onto large billboards and used in the showroom and sales office. Magazine, online and new paper adverts were created for the various publications that covered each stage. Tear drop flags designed and branded with the Hanleys farm branding.

Hanleys Farm Masterplan Billboard 3
Hanleys Farm Sales Office
Hanleys Farm Sales Office Siteplan 2
Hanleys Farm Masterplan Billboard 2
Hanley Farm-logoV2_Page_1
Hanley's Farm-Tear banner
Hanleys Farm Masterplan Billboard 1
Hanley's Farm-Stage Plan-A0-DP1


Stock photos were created from the air and site for various marketing media. CAD Studio has many years of Aerial Photography skills.


Hanleys Farm website was created by CAD Studio.