Lake Crest Lake Taupo New Zealand


Project Overview

Lake Crest Lake Taupo

CAD Studio created a number of 3D renders, Video Animation and scale model for this Retirement Village in Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Using the CAD Studio drone we were able to take aerial photos and videos. Using our CAD software we were able to photo match the 3D model into the drone photos and videos. showing an accurate artist impression of what the completed retirement development will look like once completed.

CAD Studio created a 1:400 scale model of this development for the showroom in Taupo. An accurate model of the complete development displayed in an acrylic case. 3D Printed houses and main buildings. Painted and carefully constructed over a number of weeks. scale trees and cars placed around the site as per the landscape plans and siteplan. 

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Lake Crest Lake Taupo

Main Services

3D Renders
Video Animation
Promo Video
Drone Services
Aerial Photo Matching (Placing 3D Renders into Drone Photos) 

Lake Crest Villa A 3D Render

3D Renders. 

Interior and exterior 3D renders were created to help market the news new apartments. Using the Architects plans and specs we could accurately model and furnish these spaces. Photos of the actual views taken using the drone.

Lake Crest Villa C 3D Render
Lake Crest Villa B 3D render
Lake Crest Bedroom 3d Render
Lake Crest Lunge 3D Render
Lake Crest Bathroom 3 Render
Lake Crest Drone 3D render Town View

Video Animation.

Lake Tauop is an beautiful part of New Zealand and Lake Crest Retirement Village is located along the edge of the Lake. Capturing the natural beauty of the site in relation to the lake and the town was an essential part of the video. CAD Studio created the development in 3D and composited the 3D model into the drone footage to show what the site would look like once completed. Interior and exterior footage was filmed of the current facilities and combined with the animation. Video Animations of the various villa typologies has been shown in the video. 

Scale Model.

CAD Studio built a scale model of this development for the onsite showroom in Lake Taupo. This scale model was built inhouse at CAD Studio. Using 3D printers a 1:400 scale model was carefully constructed over a number of weeks. 

Lake Crest Scale Model Taupo
Lake Crest scale model 3D printed